57 years

Experts in Yacht Sales

This is an overview of the Ross Yacht Sales organization from the current three locations.

In reading this you may take note that although sales are our primary business, our brokers are not merely salesmen. They are much more ... they are experts in their fields, some for up to three and four decades. They have achieved international recognition in everything from ocean sail racing to boat building and long distance cruising. Some have founded their own yacht companies, others having served as president of a major manufacturer, most have traveled the world.

They have worked in every aspect of our industry, from serving as dockmasters, service yard supervisors, captains, boat dealers and even as manufacturers. In short the Ross Yacht Sales organization is a seasoned, well-rounded group of individuals who network great as a team with all the passion, knowledge and experience that any client could possibly hope for.

Our business is sales, and clients come to us looking for one thing ... expert advice. What does that mean? Anyone can go on the Internet today to find the asking price for a given yacht. But they cannot tell you what the last six boats sold for and why. In fact, no one can tell you this accurately except a professional yacht broker. Our business is yacht values. Because we are the link between buyer and seller, we are in the trenches of every negotiation.

We work closely with over 700 corresponding brokerage firms world-wide, who provide us with 90% of our brokerage inventory. To a great degree, what our brokers say to their clients makes or breaks the value of a yacht. We are onboard every sale with expert surveyors, and we know the strengths and deficiencies of almost every yacht and how they perform at sea trial.

An expression that is constantly repeated in almost every sales meeting is "owner contact". This ability to literally rub elbows with owners on a daily basis is what it takes to understand market values. We have experienced brokers in four locations; Tampa Bay, Naples, Sarasota/Ft. Myers and the Mississippi Gulf Coast each rubbing elbows with hundreds of owners a year.

This is the expertise that has been earned since 1962 and what makes Ross Yacht Sales a leader in Yacht Brokerage.

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